Installing a 270 gallon aquarium from ATM this week!


On August 17, 2012 Critters N Fish was founded by Chris O'Connell. Critters N Fish is the ultimate provider of aquarium installation and maintenance services in Syracuse, New York and the surrounding Central New York Area. Critters N Fish offers the latest aquarium styles and services to give your home or office the beauty you are looking for. Critters N Fish goals are to provide the ultimate aquarium experience for those who share the love of aquatic life and their related ecosystems. From a fish bowl to the movie set Chris O'Connell owner of Critters N Fish has done it all when it comes to aquariums and fish. Look for Critters N Fish new hatchery coming online late 2013. Critters N Fish supports other Marine and Freshwater aquatic projects in and around New York State at this time. Critters N Fish would love to share our passion and professionalism with your family at home or work or museum.